Swing Bridge Alerts

Avoid The Queues When The Swing Bridges are Closed

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There are more ships on the Manchester Ship Canal than at any time in the past:

Canal shipping is on the increase and bridge closures are becoming more and more frequent. There are more ships sailing through Warrington during peak traffic times than ever before as well as the rest of the day and night - all of which cause long tailbacks and have a major impact on the lives of Warrington drivers.

Get in the know:

Your time is precious. If you knew the bridge was going to be off you could change your plans and avoid the frustration of waiting. You could start your journey earlier, take a detour or leave your journey til later.

Get notifications directly to your phone when a ship is due

No need to check twitter or email before making a journey - our notifications come to you. You'll be notified of Swing Bridge closures up to half an hour before the bridges are off with Swing Bridge Alerts.